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Troy Brodsky

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Feel free to read every single word below, if you're the 'every single word' type...but be sure to take time to call us in order to discuss the art that you'd like to see. We've had all of our shots, and we love to talk to our clients.

So then, here's the big pitch. Here at iNk we tend toward a fully customized experience for our clients. We've found, over the last dozen years, that each client comes to us with different needs, and a different overall outlook on what they hope to see in the finished artwork. This also serves to keep us on our toes, never content to stagnate into a single style or type of art. We shoot personal and commercial art, in high resolution, fully remastered still images; and we create image stabilized, high resolution cinema for personal and commercial applications as well. In a little over a decade, our work has taken us all over the world, and while we're more than happy to shoot on location anywhere with air (at least a little), we've found that we're most drawn to the friendships that we've built, and the ways that we've been able to touch our client's lives. Now... give us a call and let's get started. Yes, I know... it's 9:37pm and you're on the internet planning something, but this is as good of time as any... we're up, we're working, and we can help with your vision.

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