Steven Melamed

J and S Photography, Inc. | Durham, NC 27712

Steven Melamed

PPA Certified Photographer

J and S Photography, Inc.

Originally from New Jersey, relocated to Durham, NC in 1997.I have a BS degree in Psychology. I worked in that field with people with mental illness and developmental disorders for about 15 years. And served as a service director for 11 of those. This gave me a strong background in running a business. I was a hobbyist photog a good part of my life, as was my father. I decided I needed a change in occupation and managed a Picture People studio for 4 years. This gave me an even better understanding of business. More specifically the photography business. I started my current business along with my partner in 2011. We do a good deal of our volume from pre-school photography and the rest families, children and pets.

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