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Stephen Texeira Photography

There is a memory between one moment and the next; a memory that no amount of posing or smiling for the camera will ever reveal. It is in those moments that we are most real, most vulnerable, most beautiful, most ourselves.
I take a photojournalistic approach to photography, preferring to let events unfold naturally rather than trying to arrange people or make things happen. I suppose this comes, at least in part, from the years I spent as a journalist bearing witness and faithfully reporting the world around me.
The images that people will look back on and say, “I remember how I felt then.” “I know exactly what she was thinking in that picture.” “I know that look, and how I felt when I saw it.” Those are the images that will stay with you. Those are the images your children and grandchildren will look at and realize that, yes, once upon a time, these two were young once and in love.
I hope you enjoy my work.

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