Sharon Deloughery-Nihart

Nihart Photography | Stowe, Pennsylvania 19464

Sharon Deloughery-Nihart

PPA Certified Photographer

Nihart Photography

Creating Beautiful & Essential Finished Wall Portrait ART which allow us to enjoy those we cherish.

I focus on being a print artist, meaning; I want to put finished heirloom quality art: framed portraits, portraits on canvas, albums etc. in your home. I know and understand there is an enjoyment to sharing on social media with our family and friends. We are proud parents; however, having a wall portrait is more real, more impactful, more treasured, more meaningful to us and our children and that is why I work to deliver you the best imagery and print products. There are several different sessions structured to give you more than snapshots, more than social media post, and more than files on your computer. That being said, there are a few different prices and products available for you, social media files of all purchased images are included.

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