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Hello - thanks for taking the time to visit. I am an award-winning photographer that lives, plays and works in New England, specifically in the beautiful Burlington, Vermont area.

Photography is part of my DNA - I can't imagine living life without a camera nearby. I have been taking photographs since I was a young man and my love for the art of photography has only deepened over the years.

My work has been published in on national TV, numerous international, national and regional magazines, in newspapers, on news and sports websites, on CD covers and jackets, and on websites for various corporations.

"Good photographs are visceral and need no explanation – they should move or compel us in some fashion and, perhaps, even draw us to action. It is my desire to capture both the essence of the moment and the personality of the subject in each of my shots.” -Scott Ptak, Digital Photography Magazine

With a developing “eye” and a more discerning nature born over the years of shooting, my photographs reflect a maturing understanding of the delicate relationship between subject and photographer. Each photograph is unique and represents a symbiotic “give-and-take”. The subject gives of itself and the photographer is compelled to capture, for all eternity, the exchange. That instant, that millisecond, is captured and with it all the sights, sounds, smells, and memories that draw us to that place again and again.

I have exhibited in various jury shows throughout the United States and have recently been named as one of the Southeast's "Top 10 Emerging Artists".

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