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Ron Wilson

Ron B. Wilson Photography, Inc.

Jacksonville's Wedding Photographer Ron B. Wilson began his career very early in life and was always the kid with the camera. He knew he was going to be a photographer and never thought of doing anything else, and he brings that passion to your wedding or event. He studied photography at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. During his education at AIFL he was selected for an internship at The Miami Herald. The internship was an invaluable experience, which help mold him and his talents into the person he is today.
He brings his warm, engaging personality and high standards to every assignment he does. He uses most of his free time to travel throughout the world from Europe, The Middle East and India to South America shooting stock photography. He uses his cameras to document the lives of people in the places he travels to.
His experiences shooting fashion and portraits combined with his journalism background is what makes his work stand out.

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