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Preston Palmer

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I am a self-taught photographer. I developed my craft while traveling amongst some of the most remote third-world countries. I learned to shoot quickly and build trust with indigenous tribal people, in order to capture their true essence on film. Stopping instances in time, and having the ability to share rare and beautiful human emotions with others became my passion, and the reason I created Brovado Weddings. I give my clients an experience tailored to their personal desires. Capturing who you are and allowing those emotions to come naturally, without making you pose, is what makes my wedding photography, and your experience, so unique. I’m here to capture those touching, fleeting moments, those tears of happiness and joy, and give them back to you. My mission is to capture the essence of you, your family and guests, in such a way that the smallest details and the joyful emotions of the day will rush back to you, even when you open your wedding album to show your grandchildren.

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