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Michelle LaVasque

Michelle LaVasque Photography

Commercial photographer specializing in industrial, agricultural, community and equine imagery.

A little about me. I have always had a creative personality but my true calling was ignited when I discovered my passion for photography. I have a BA in Advertising and worked in Corporate Communications at a large corporation for close to a decade. During my time there I discovered that photography was my true passion. That experience provided me with a deep appreciation for the energy industry and the hard work that goes into these hands-on occupations. It also gave me a unique perspective because I've been on the inside of the corporate world. That experience helps me understand my clients from a unique perspective.

As a native Oklahoman, I have always been deeply rooted in the way of life around me. From a combine in a wheat field to the back of a saddle, I am passionate about the culture that surrounds me and love storytelling through the back of my camera.

I currently reside in Oklahoma and specialize in commercial imagery, focusing on industrial, agricultural equestrian and the community.

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