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Michael Gibbons

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Originally from the highlands of Scotland, now based in Greenville, SC. My team and I work with commercial clients producing high quality social media content, portraiture, and small scale advertising. We have also traveled to cover events in New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Charlotte, Boston, and all throughout the United States.

Photography is not only a business, but a passion that has led to shooting images on five continents ranging from wildlife, to photojournalism, and dramatic landscapes. There is something immensely satisfying in recognizing the beauty of nature, and the human experience reflected back in still images.

Our commercial work is focused on providing our client’s messaging with context through the ever vital visual medium of photography. Through intentional collaboration we aim to understand your vision and share that with your audience. When everyone has the ability to produce their own content, having professional images helps our clients stand out in the crowd of a content hungry culture.

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