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As a documentary photographer, my specialty is in creatively capturing images of people, places and things as they are in the world--reflecting the beauty and reality of each with minimum embellishment and post processing. I am a "hybrid" or "ambidextrous" photographer, meaning that I operate in both the analog and digital realms. For portraiture, I have found that--in general--analog or film photography produces a higher quality image for clients tired of the same sterile photographs they see every day on social media. I have also found it produces a much more creative image than digital methods do for capturing the essence of a person. On the other hand, for architectural, event and commercial work, the precision and speed of high quality digital cameras and techniques tends to be (but again, not always) more appropriate. I am one of fewer than 1000 photographers on earth who are accomplished at making Wet Plate Collodion photographs--true old school--using the same processes invented in the 1850's used to make the images of Abraham Lincoln and that documented the US Civil War. My experience in this, and more modern techniques gives me wide latitude for creating one-of-images that stand the test of time for the discriminating person.

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