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I'm now retired and travel Photographing Nature and Landscapes and testing new Cameras, Gear, and Processing programs to their limits and beyond. In my former life I was... Director of Photography with a BA Degree from Brooks Institute of Photography. Cameraman on the 2000 BC, Batman (original), and McArthur movies by Fox Studio, Combat Photographer for the U.S. Marines, specially trained nuclear Photographer/Audio-Visual and TV Producer for the U.S. Government for 15 years. Invented special imaging equipment for special applications. High Sierra Productions, Gig Harbor, WA., Owner. Professional photography and imagery services for a wide variety of clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world.State of Washington Department of Emergency ManagementMedia & Public Relations officer, Photography & Videographer putting together programs to present the agencies public exposure to meet the needs of it’s citizens and public officials.Pierce County Emergency Operations Center, State of Washington: First responder providing first images of the Disaster to Emergency Management personal and calling in rescues for those in need, and interviews for local and national media in response to emergencies.Tacoma Tall Ships 2008, Tacoma, WA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), (2001 – 2008): Federal first responders to national emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires, terror attacks and other disasters.Photographer / Videographer / Media Affairs Officer Respond to and document multiple emergency situations. Handled fast paced, high-stakes news situations and resolved multiple problems simultaneously. During Hurricane Katrina, shot over 19,000 images including day to day operations, photos from closed off areas for the news media, publications, special events, VIP portraits, maritime, environmental, aerial, investigative, salvage and recovery operations, VIP tours up to and including President Bush, Prince Charles, and the King of Jordan. Received numerous awards & accommodations for quality performance and photography throughout tenure. Over 200.000 photographs published Worldwide.

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