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Kristi Elias

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Born and raised in southern California, I have been an artist all my life. Exploring all mediums of art from sketch to sculpture. In photography and through the use of Photoshop I found I could channel different mediums and artistic energies into one creation. I have worked as a professional photographer and Photoshop artist for the past twelve years. The focus for most of my professional career was on product photography some of my clients included Z Gallerie, , Von'sVon'sVPavillions, Von's. I have since found a new passion in creating artistic portrait photography. I love the creative freedom with out limitations that it provides me. When creating a portrait I try to capture the story of each individuals personality, while fusing classic elegance with modern twists. I believe in creating a unique and beautiful piece of art in each portrait.

In 1998, I obtained my degree in illustration and advertising photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.

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