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I have long stopped saying I am a photographer. I describe my self as a visual communicator. I think in pictures, I envision what clients are trying to communicate through their marketing efforts, in pictures. After I hear what a client is trying to say, I see an image telling that story. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a baseball cap on a plain white background. But if it communicates the client’s need to the viewer then it is good communication.

I’m Keith, with over 35 years of professional photography, B2B, Corporate and Business Executive Portraits, Food Art, Professional Sports, Products, 360 degree panoramic images for, marketing and advertising. I have also accomplished 360 degree spinning photography. An amazing way to maximize the “real estate” on your website showing off your product.
I have a fabulous staff with a lot of experience, we are professionals, but fun to work with and have photographed just about anything you can think of.

I am also a teaching photographer as well, holding multiple workshops per year in fabulous places to teach the art and science while capturing great subjects. I have gained the equipment and the knowledge to handle most any photographic situation. Blessed to have been giving the opportunity to be a presenter for numerous camera clubs in the Northern Illinois area, Out of Chicago, a multi day, photography convention, shoot outs and photo walks. Also the Chicago Area Photo School (CAPS) a biennial, 2 day Photography Academy hosted by the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association. (CACCA)

My job is to make sure the images I take for a client tell their story, not the story I want to tell for them. Listening is a very key factor for me. If a client wishes technical expertise then I am happy to share it. If the client wants their shot a certain way then I am all too happy to oblige. Owning an operating a studio for over 20 years chances are I have already photographed something new clients are looking for. There is not enough space to put samples of everything on my website so if you are curious about a certain style or photo shoot just ask. My social media pages receive recent updates faster, like me or follow me and watch my progress. Looking forward to working for you.

A Veteran Owned Small Business- United States Marine Corps
Semper Fi ( Always Faithful )

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