Karyn Sarganis Fritz

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Karyn Sarganis Fritz

ksf photography & design

ksf Artist Statement:

As I look around at my surroundings I visualize how I may bring “it” to life. Looking at how the light reflects off the subject, the background, and the colors. I simply cannot help myself. It never turns off.

I discovered that photography at a young age feeds that part of my soul. I love capturing beauty in unique, creative ways and letting my imagination run wild to create an art piece. Starting in photoshop working with artistic filters, tools, and textures to transform the image into an oil painting will mesmerizing me for hours. Next to transfer the image onto a wood panel and embellish the photograph with oil pastels and alcohol inks, and finishing the piece with a beautiful layer of encaustics.

I may re-create the same image again and again and it will always produce a different outcome. I love how each piece tells their own story. My latest fascination is capturing the beauty and peacefulness of flowers via macro photography. I’m enjoying the journey and hope you will too.

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