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Kareem Quow Photography

I believe what makes each photographer valued is their “eye” or “vision”…basically an aggregate of what makes anyone unique. The distinct blending and developing of the dynamics that make you think the way you think and perceive the way you perceive. For me it’s how this blend has formed my aesthetic. An aesthetic born from my adoration of creative storytelling, films, music, poetry, my personal interest and technical background in art and architecture, and my outlook on the world curated through travel and life experiences. It’s the attention to detail, the ability to find inspiration anywhere and have that inspiration mature into an entirely new entity. All these factors have, and will continue to influence my personal vision/aesthetic and shape how I approach each project.
I get a great deal of satisfaction creating conceptual images. Primarily because of its intention. Many masterpieces have been created by chance, but to be able to consistently have an idea or vision realized with intention is very fulfilling. To know that the result has been achieved by the culmination of inspiration, creativity, personal vision, concept development, planning, technical acumen, execution and post production is very exciting. I’ve used everything I know and everything I am to create something extraordinary. This allows me to be completely invested in each project I undertake...and this is what I bring to the table.

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