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Heike O’Day

PPA Certified Photographer


Photography is a funny thing - it freezes time, it captures moments that become memories, it tells stories, it's an art with the light as my paint brush, if done right it'll make people happy, confident, glad.
My favorite thing people say is (before they choose me) is 'I never look good in pictures'. I always tell them 'that's the photographer's fault'. If you are willing to have your portrait made and let me work with you - I promise you will at the very least like your photos.
That is why I studied to become a Certified Professional Photographer. I love making people look great; I love using proper lighting and proper posing to show your best side. Oh 'posing' - but people don't like posed photos. That's mostly true and the trick is to make it look as if it wasn't posed. That's the fun part.

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