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Danica Barreau

PPA Certified Photographer

Pouka Art & Photography

Bonjour! My name is Danica Barreau (duh-NEE-kuh buh-ROH) and I’m the photographer and artist behind Pouka Art & Photography.

My father is French, (as well as an artist and a gourmet cook) so I grew up overseas, spending my summers in France in a little town in the Loire Valley. During the school year we lived in Germany where my American mother was a teacher for military dependents.

I moved to the US to attend university where I dreamt of being a successful architect until the reality of math and physics and my love of color and fabrics drove me into the arms of Interior Design. That affair lasted until the rent was due and then I took a corporate gig for a top telecom company. I now live in central Ohio with a very patient school teacher, trying to keep my home in some semblance of order while raising lots of dogs, cooking fine meals, and pursuing my passion for art and photography.

I started out as a traditional portrait artist, specializing in colored and graphite pencils. I fell in love with photography and then transitioned to digital painting as the years progressed.

I am a Certified Professional Photographer and a member of the Professional Photographer of Ohio and its parent organization, Professional Photographers of America.

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