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Dale Holladay

Holladay's Photo Emporium

I have been taking photographs since I was 8 years old, when my mother gave me a Brownie box camera for Christmas. I developed my first roll of B/W film in the bathroom sink with the "dip and dunk" method when I was 12 and can still remember the thrill of "creation" as I took the film out of the fixer and turned on the light.
I really got serious about photography in high school working on the yearbook staff. I purchased my first 35mm viewcamera in 1965 just before I left to serve a 27 month mission for the LDS church in Peru and Bolivia. It is there that I gained a true love for scenic, landscape and fine art photography. In 1974, my wife, Janice & I decided to quit teaching school and go full time into this profession we love...and the rest is history. Two of our daughters, Kristen Seale & Trisha Simmons, are now running the day-to-day business, while Janice and I spend most of our photography time photographing fine art work. I was granted Life Membership in PPA in Jan. 2011.

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