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Chris Wooley

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Hey there! We’re Chris and Rachel Wooley, and you’ve stumbled upon the official “About Me” page. You get a virtual high-five for going this far. As you can probably imagine, good photography isn’t just about technical skill – but also about the person behind the camera. Anyone can make a professional model look amazing – but a photographer that you “click” with can make the difference between a boring picture and an amazing image. I’m chocked full of personality (and passion. And caffeine). So I’m glad you cared enough about the man behind the lens to actually click this button.

We’re both photographers and have been invovled in the industry for over a decade. We even met at a photography convention for the Professional Photographers of Washington.

I’ve been in the Professional Photography industry for over 10 years now. And as I said before, I’m pretty lucky. I get to do the type of photography I’m passionate about. I LOVE doing personal branding Headshots and Retro Pin-Up Photography. I geek out about all the details, technical aspects, and feelings of each of those genres. When I do a session, I feel like I’m playing and having a good time instead of working. It’s awesome.

I’m also an educator. I teach classes and lead workshops across the country – usually geared towards photographers. It might be a workshop on retro pin-up photography or an all day class on contemporary lighting techniques. I’m committed to the industry and to helping others. That’s probably why I’m the Chairman of the Professional Photographers of Washington, and hold the Master Photographer Degree, Photographic Craftsman Degree, Fellow Photographer Degree, a member of the Professional Photographers of America, a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), and a liaison for the CPP program.

Since I’m bragging, I’ll also point out that I’m an Internationally Published Photographer, have won lots of awards and accolades for my images, and am regularly featured in magazines, billboards, and websites.

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