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Chris Leavitt has been doing this photography thing for a long time. A loooong time. Since 1973, in fact.
But that doesn’t mean he’s old and stale. On the contrary. Chris was doing cool effects like selective color and framing images using “the rule of thirds” (you’d be surprised how many images you really love use this) before it was cool. This, in fact, makes him hipster.
What it does mean, though, is that you aren’t getting a fly-by-night outfit or your crazy uncle to capture the most important moments of your life. You are getting a tried and true artist who knows a great photograph, and knows how to coax the things that matter most to you into your portrait.
They say that photographs can capture a person’s soul. So why are so many images stale, lifeless and cookie-cutter? You deserve better than that. You deserve a truly custom experience that fits you.
What would it be like for you to have all of the elements that make you who you are in one image? To be able to look at a portrait and say, “That’s me?” To know that, when your family and friends come across the canvas art displayed in your living room, they will instantly see your unique personality, your deepest interests and the things you love the most? That’s the kind of art that Chris Leavitt creates. And I really think you should contact him today to talk more about what makes you you. There’s no better time to capture today.

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