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Casey Scalf

PPA Certified Photographer

Storybook Studios

I am a Photographer & Storyteller. I photograph high school senior portraits, teens struggling with self-confidence and children's magical fairytale portraits. Through custom photography, I can tell each person's story in a unique and authentically beautiful way.
About Me: Casey is a Master Portrait Artist/Photographer based in Chesapeake, Virginia, who concentrates on seniors and tweens. With a determined work ethic and tenacious personality, she grew her part-time “weekend-warrior” business to her full-time 1,600 square foot studio, Storybook Studios. She is an army of one, but her A.D.D. helps her to multitask like a BOSS.
Casey loves this relationship-based business. She lives to build confidence in teens/tweens struggling to find themselves. Casey is easily recognized by her red hair and tattoos. She is an accredited Master Portrait Photographer, a Certified Professional Photographer and has a Fellow of Photography Degree. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism/Communications and Associates Degree in Computer Science. Her work has received numerous awards and has been published and exhibited multiple times.

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