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Main Street Studio


Main Street Studio has been offering photography services to the Eastern Iowa region for the past 19 years. Initially a portrait studio, we now specialize in architectural imaging for regional architectural firms and major contractors.

All our architectural work is digital, with complex manual HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing to present what the eye sees, at any time of the day, in any lighting situation. We also shoot composite panoramics (when requested) for high-resolution commercial wall décor or large-format display / murals, etc.

We deliver polished high-res digital Tiff files on DVD, and can upload smaller Jpeg files for your
immediate use. We travel frequently to metro areas in Iowa and the Midwest, and can easily handle a significant part of any company's regional commercial work.

My favorite quote: "I know that this defies the law of gravity, but you see, I never studied law" -- Bugs Bunny

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