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Van Gassant

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Gassant Photography and Design

I am Van Gassant, a local professional photographer based in Aruba.

Living on an island has always given me opportunities to see small details of nature found nowhere else. Being able to capture a moment in time gives me as much joy as any other person that likes to collect things. You can consider me, or any photographer I suppose, to be a collector of moments. The beauty a place like Aruba offered me at the onset of my interest in photography had given me just the push I needed. I set off on my explorations with the small point and shoot camera I bought from the meager amount of money I had as a student. It was a way to escape, and to seize a moment of bliss and beauty.

Today, I don’t venture out into nature as often as I would like, but I still get to capture beautiful moments whether it’s smiling faces or geometric places. I could honestly say that I’ve come a long way from those days out in the sun. My love and passion for photography have grown into something more than an escape, I see it as a way to connect with people, and to learn more about my environment.

Taking courses and going through experiences have helped me develop and hone my craft as a professional photographer.

I’ve also learned to see and understand things differently, such as the technical side of photography, as well as the more creative parts.

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