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Melanie Robison

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I like to think I am a fun person to be around and don’t like to keep things too serious. I mean what fun would it be getting your photographs taken by someone who just barks orders? Not fun at all and you probably wouldn’t even like your pictures. I want to learn a little about you first and think it is important that you learn a little about me first too! Walking away from your photo session or wedding with a great experience from me is one thing I do take serious though.

I like food – I mean who doesn’t. Tacos and chips and salsa are hands down my favorite. I am a big dog person (but I love animals in general). If you tell me you are going to have a dog in your photo session or at your wedding be prepared for me to get excited. I am a gadget girl, a systems girl, and somewhat of a tomboy. Not afraid to get muddy and not to afraid of spiders, however I do not really like sharing a space with them.

I am married to a very supportive husband who knows nothing about the photography side of the business. He, however supports me and probably one of my biggest fans. I have grown kids but forget I am not 20 anymore. You want to talk photography with me… I will be your new best friend for hours.

Let’s make your next photograph experience one to remember and one you actually enjoy. Reach out to me and let’s meet up to get to know each other and create some art together.

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