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Gwendolyn Zaczepinski

Gwendolyn Z Photography

My portraits combine my three passions: Art History, Photography & Children. Having a background in Art History enables me to take a unique approach to creating portraits. While earning a Bachelor of Arts at Tufts University and a Master of Arts at The George Washington University, I spent six years studying all mediums of art, from every period. My experience analyzing these images-the history, genres, subjects, light, color and composition, is something that I bring to every portrait I create.

I utilize this knowledge, along with my love of working with children, to fully explore the inner “joy of life” that makes each child so wonderful and unique. Known for my patience and connection with children, my goal is to make sessions fun so that memories are created alongside the portraits. By incorporating my art background, I craft images that capture important moments in a purposeful and artistic way.

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