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Carly Chaney

Carlybish Photography

Hello! My name is Carly. Me and my husband, George, are a photography duo based in Seattle, Washington. We're pretty awesome, but we're humble about it. We love celebrations and love and romance and goofing off, so weddings are the perfect environment for us. We also love to dance, so if there's dancing at your reception, you'll find us in the middle of it! Of course, we always bring our A-game, capturing the moments as they happen, blending in with our surroundings and encouraging everyone to relax, have fun, and be themselves. We're not your traditional photographers that ask you to smile for the camera and send you on your way, no no... We capture the genuine laughter and authentic smiles and we wouldn't have it any other way. So if you want photographers who are passionate about what they do and aim to please, you've found what you're looking for... It's us--what you're looking for is us. Just making sure we're clear on that. 😊

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