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Anu Ylonen

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Anu became interested in photography at an early age when she received her first camera as a child. She first studied and practiced photography in Europe. After immigrating to the United States in 1980, she continued her photography classes in the United States.

Anu began working with Digital Photography in 2001. As she became more familiar with digital techniques, she realized that she had better control of the images, which she developed herself. Her clients have all been very impressed with the quality of her work and are very happy with the results.

She started her photography company, Photo La Quinta, in the town of La Quinta in Southern California in 2004. Since then, she has relocated to Lake County in Northern California.

Over the years, she has photographed Retail Products, Landscape Scenes, Real Estate, Family Events, Business Events and Native American Events. She has also done nature scene photography, which she has digitally developed as Art Photographs.

Her photography business, Photo La Quinta, currently specializes in business events, product shoots, landscape photos and exterior/interior shooting as well as photos for advertising purposes.

Anu offers an On Site Photography Service – coming to your location to do the photography services you need.

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