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I am a Columbus, Ohio professional newborn photographer also specializing in children and families. Located just across the Madison/Franklin county line west of downtown Grove City, our brand new 1500sqft studio is on the heart of the family farm. We are an average of 15-35 minutes from most communities in Central Ohio. There is one thing that truly means the most to me and that is family. My husband and I personally understand and connect with how treasured this beautiful time is in your lives. After being told we would never have children of our own, experiencing loss and a lot of heartache, we miraculously became pregnant with our daughter in 2007. We savored and soaked up every one of her tiny details, and were left with many joyful tears at how perfect this little miracle was in our lives. No matter your story and journey to having your own little miracle, it is one worth celebrating and capturing well for generations to come. I can't wait to welcome you and your family here!

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