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Preston Page Photography

Starting work as a freelance cinematographer and photojournalist in 1969, changing interests led me in 1977 to open a studio devoted to fashion, beauty and fine art photography. More recently, I've been working to support the St. Louis, MO, fashion designers, salon owners, and the various fashion show groups.

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Years in Business
45 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Free for test and portfolio building sessions
Half-day sitting, ~500 Proof Images, Retouched Picks, Portfolio Prints and JPEGs
Half-day Commercial Session, up to 10 outfits/looks, ~1,000 Proofs, fully finished picks, portfolio prints for all collaborators if requested.
Penn and Horst for studio work, then Von Waggenheim and Sara Moon for when Avante Guarde is warranted.
Studio and locations photography, retouching, and printing.
Pre-planning with idea boards, then casting, detailed plan shot list, shoot day, online proofs within 24 hours, pick consultation, retouching as needed, final digital files and optional prints.
Studio is temporarily closed due to Covid since May 2020, but hope to open again late 2022, early 2023. Inquire about sessions on location.
No cancellation fees for me, but models and stylist policies vary.

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